Will Inspection In The End

- Dec 28, 2020-

Will inspection in the end

Mention inspection, the first thought in everyone's mind, should be to find a professional organization to check the quality and quantity of goods, These are suitable for company that has offices in the product country , it is economy ,convenient and high efficiency, but for no office and individual business, they are worried about the quality of the bulk goods, and no good channels to find inspectors, how to do?

We are specializing in the production of prayer mat,sponge carpet and shaggy carpet,our company's solution to this contradiction is that every salesman should personally go to the factory to inspect the customer's products before shipment, because the salesman is the most familiar with the customer's product requirements. This saves customers' energy and avoids the need for professional QC, thus achieving win-win cooperation.

On December 7, 2020, the eve of the delivery of prayer mat , our salesman went to the factory for inspection. We carried out a comprehensive inspection from fabric quality and color, to embossing, to stitching on the edge of the bag, to cutting size, and finally to packaging and shipping.

1.we check the flannel fabric,touch the surface, see color and density.


2. Look at the position of the embossed, whether accurate.

emboss 2

3. See whether the edge of the thread cut off, whether the edge of the package neat.


4. Measure the size of the carpet to see if it meets the customer's requirements.


5. Check the packing is in good order.


6. Finally, the goods are packed and shipped, the quantity is checked and the loading method is checked.


To help customers strictly control the quality and delivery time is our long-standing principle.