Why Do Muslims Pray On A Carpet?

- Jan 11, 2021-

Why do Muslims pray on a carpet?

  Why do Muslims use carpets when they worship?

  Because of the Islamic doctrine: worship, to choose a clean place to show piety to Allah.

  However, most Muslims believe that the ground is not clean, so everyone should get a blanket and put it on the ground, so that it is completely clean, so that it is worthy of Allah and not blasphemous.

This is the origin of the Muslim kneeling carpet.

  This rug is also known as a "prayer rug."


  This "prayer mat" has a great purpose, its sacred status is not to say, the key materials must not be careless. The prayer mat is usually at least a meter long, enough for an adult to kneel on it and pray. The material is usually made of cotton or wool. Rich people have wool, and poor people use cotton. In short, Muslims are not stingy on prayer mat.

  Prayer rug used by Muslims in the past were usually pure colors, but later they began to incorporate elements such as geometric shapes, vines and even more complex patterns, often representing Islamic architectures such as the shrine at Mecca Kaba or the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.



  Muslims pray five times a day -- morning, afternoon, afternoon, afternoon and night. During prayer, Muslims place prayer carpets on the ground and kneel on them to pray in the direction of the holy city of Mecca.


  In fact, prayer mat are not specifically required in Islam and may not be used. The only requirement is to kneel humbly on a clean, clean ground and pray. But because Muslims are so reverent to God, they feel that the ground is always unclean and that a carpet is necessary to stop them from profane.