What Material Is The Toilet Carpet Used?

- Jun 05, 2019-

The effect that toilet carpet chooses bamboo fiber to pledge character is good still. Bamboo fiber or toilet mat are good. But the important thing is to choose the kind of anti-skid, water absorption capacity, and good cleaning. But do not choose the kind of carpet below careful next, otherwise long can produce bacterium to be cleaned very hard.

Have prevent slippery, bibulous, not smelly, durable wait for a characteristic toilet ground mat to be made of rubber material. Rubber floor mat has natural rubber material odorless, texture simple and elegant look, cache, excellent grasp of the ground, tensile strength, high elasticity, can accept remanufacturing, natural decomposition, high quality skid resistance, easy cleaning and other characteristics, relying on these, to seize the market, set up the industry leading.

Chemical fiber carpet is very appropriate also, wait for chemical fiber to be makings with the chemical fiber such as nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, dacron, with tufted law or machine weave a method to process fiber face layer, become carpet with hemp cloth bottom suture again. Its texture and visual sense are similar to wool, wear-resisting and elastic; Gorgeous colors, rich patterns are no less than pure wool. With the characteristics of anti - fire, anti - pollution, anti - moths, cleaning and maintenance are very convenient, more appropriate.