What Is The Composite Non-slip Carpet

- Jun 13, 2019-

When compound prevent slippery carpet what material is qualitative, the advantage of dustproof prevent slippery carpet to have what, everybody may have such doubt in daily life, introduce the material that compound prevent slippery carpet to pledge next for everybody.

Composite non-slip carpet is a kind of product that can effectively scrape dirt and moisture at the entrance and keep the indoor floor clean. Elastic and soft, comfortable feet. Unique anti-ultraviolet additive, prevent fading and embrittlement, can withstand the outdoor environment. The rubber pad is bonded to a flat surface on a textile or non-textile fabric. Other side has convex grain, adherent floor. The characteristic of this compound carpet is that its front is textile or not fabric, the bottom is a rubber mat with convex grains. Suggest everybody is in use compound when preventing slippery carpet to want to do cleanness to maintain a job in time, in order to assure the service life of ground mat, maintain the health of furniture environment.

Composite carpet cost far more hair under the same thickness of carpet and chemical fibber carpet is low, but in the use process is also found that the composite carpet has many problems: one is the carpet pad material usually use rubber or plastic, the physical properties of these two kinds of material with blanket surface material is far, so carpet surface with carpet pad by glue dry brambles away after, always has the problem of insufficient bonding strength, and also blanket face with the carpet mat stripping occur frequently; 2 it is the material property of rubber or plastic slant hard, the compound carpet that makes blanket mat place to form in this also flexibility is insufficient, the soft feeling that this kind of compound carpet gives a person in use and elastic feeling all bad; 3 it is the permeability of this kind of compound carpet is poor, easy mildew and moth-eaten.

Compound carpet generally covers the ground of residence, hotel, gymnasium, exhibition hall, vehicle, ship, aircraft, etc., and has the effect of reducing noise, heat insulation and decoration. However, most of these carpets are cut and placed directly on the surface of the covering, especially in public places, rain weather, etc., the two often slip and cause people to fall.