What Are The Outstanding Quality Carpets, What Is The Performance?

- May 31, 2019-

As we all know, now carpet price good and bad intermingled, all sorts of craft carpet also are limelight is vigorous, quality also is having thousands of difference. Accordingly, put forward extremely tall requirement to the carpet of laid, the carpet of outstanding quality, what does performance have?

(1) fastness

The pressure that carpet needs to bear is very big, of furniture implement press buy, the trample when people moves about frequently, make fiber often is in fatigue condition, because this asks carpet has good wear-resisting, pressure-resistant performance. The pile should have good resilience and high density, not easy to fall. Dust of carpet of daily cleanness majority USES the electric machine such as cleaner to provide adsorption, because this carpet fiber and organize structure to braid, need to have certain fastness, take off fleece not easily.

Carpet is exposed to air for a long time, because photosynthesis is bask in especially sunshine, colour and lustre can be affected, also have certain standard and requirement in fiber color fastness respect so.

(2) heat preservation

The warmth of a carpet is determined by its thickness, density, and the type of fiber used in the suede. Carpet by countless clusters of pile head or pile circle form thick soft suede, pile head, pile circle long and dense, fluffy carpet warmth is excellent. When choosing fiber, want to consider its keep warm sex, the keep warm sex of synthetic fiber is better than natural fiber commonly, and wool in natural fiber is better than silk, hemp. In addition, the heat preservation sex of carpet has pad thing with the structure that reachs pad to also have very big concern with carpet below carpet, reason USES pad thing to be able to strengthen the heat preservation performance of carpet.

(3) comfort

Carpet comfort mainly refers to walking foot comfort. Here are the properties of the fibers, the softness of the suede, the elasticity, and the fullness. Natural fibers are better than synthetic fibers in terms of foot comfort, especially wool fibers, which are soft and elastic, making walking easy and brisk. Chemical fiber carpet has the lack of crural feeling hair stagnation commonly sunken. Suede height between 10-30mm carpet softness and flexibility is better, plump and do not lose strength, walking feet feel comfortable. Suede too short durability, easy to walk, but lack of flexibility, poor foot feeling.

(4) sound absorption and sound insulation

Carpet needs to have good sound-absorbing, sound-insulating performance, this asks to undertake serious choice when determining ply of face of fiber raw material, blanket and density, consider sound-absorbing rate size, in order to satisfy the sound-absorbing, sound-insulating performance that different environment needs to achieve. Theater, large conference hall and other places pay great attention to sound quality, strive to avoid noise intrusion, the carpet sound-absorbing, sound insulation performance requirements are higher, general home use can be properly mastered.

(5) pollution resistance

When carpet is used, show large area to expose a condition, people often walks on its, have a rest in between, dirt sundry and extremely easy dirt is damaged carpet, because this asks carpet to have not easy pollution, easy decontamination to clean performance. The carpet that domestic bedroom USES more need to be able to bear or endure dirt and facilitate undertake daily cleaning.

Carpet still needs to have better the performance that fights bacterium, fight mildew, fight moth, especially the carpet that makes with wool fiber is used in the environment with taller temperature, humidity, extremely easy mildew moth, because this needs to undertake moth-proofing sex is handled, in order to ensure carpet good performance and service life.

(6) safety

The safety of carpet includes antistatic and flame retardant.

When people go up in carpet, after sole and suede face rub easy generation electrostatic, once finger and metallic object contact, can have a kind of slight electric shock feeling. Static electricity also makes blanket face downy head touchs dust easily, produce the feeling that wrap a foot, this is particularly apparent to chemical fiber carpet. For this at present is studying a few methods that fight static electricity, be like in the mix in pile head fiber metallic fiber, carbon and conductance fiber material, or inside the glue agent that mixes carpet back of extremely fine carbon black, can prevent so, reduce electrostatic generation.

Modern carpets need to be flame retardant, low smoke and no poison gas when burned. At present wool carpet is flame retardant better, and the carpet that synthetic fiber makes is very easy to burn melting. The way to improve the flame retardant performance of synthetic fiber carpet is to react with flame retardant copolymer in the polymerization stage of synthetic fiber production and then spin. Flame retardants are added in the polymerization stage and then spun, which is often used in polyester fiber production. All the above methods can improve the flame retardant performance of synthetic fiber carpet.