The Power Of Technology-5G Driverless Bus

- Dec 09, 2020-

The power of Technology-5G driverless bus

Nowadays,science and technology is not only an important indicator to reflect whether a country is advanced or not,but also a key line to the rise of a city.In 21st century,each country has invested a huge amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources to develop the science and technology,for keeping the advanced national status.At same time,cities have also competed with each other for their economic and financial positions.

In recent years, Zhengzhou, a rising central city in central China, has spared no effort to develop science and technology and finally built the first driverless bus with artificial intelligence, riding on the express train of 5G.

The 5G driverless bus on Wisdom Island in Longzi Lake, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan province, has been in trial operation for more than a year on December 17, 2020. The bus has traveled more than 30,000 kilometers safely and carried more than 20,000 passengers for free.

1. In appearance, the L4 autonomous bus is much smaller than a normal bus and can only accommodate up to 10 people.


2. From the inside, comfortable sofa seats and soft sponge carpet give passengers a massage chair experience.


3. In terms of the route, the whole distance is 1.5 km, with three stations . Exclusive red runway areas are set up to avoid pedestrians and vehicles, thus reducing the traffic pressure.


4. In the waiting area, the roof is constructed to protect the passengers from the sun and the rain. The installation of electronic display allows passengers to inquire and plan their travel route when waiting for the bus, and the updates information device of vehicle arrival in real time, so as to relieve the anxiety of passengers waiting for the bus.


The deep integration of 5G technology and transportation has made a big step forward in the construction of smart cities.