The Material Of High-grade Carpet And Distinguishing Way.

- Oct 16, 2019-

1, wool carpet: wool carpet is considered to be honorable and status symbol, in the market quotation is not low, general domestic wool carpet in xinjiang or zhangzhou best wool carpet, imported from Australia and New Zealand wool carpet products such as wool carpet is best, looks more delicate, soft and tactility, dustproof effect at the same time also is very good. 

2, grass woven carpet: grass woven carpet can bring more green meaning to the indoor environment, but also let the household environment design looks not monotonous, pure natural woven carpet has exquisite design, and hand-woven grass carpet can reflect the exquisite process. 

3, carpet natural material: cowhide leather carpets are very popular in the market, compared with other delicate design, cowhide rug appears more straightforward simplicity, but also is this kind of distinctive characteristics, make it become the current hot carpet, the carpet is made by natural animal fur carpet of high-end, the market price is relatively high. 

4, national wind carpet: national popularity wind carpet industry not low, this kind of carpet factory in xinjiang's hotan carpet is one of the most popular, it to national amorous feelings of the wind through the carpet and other products better, and the northwest regional customs manual carpet colour is fine, the manual design is more high-end atmosphere at the same time, can meet different indoor environment design, national wind carpet with its chic modelling design obtained a lot of customer high praise. 

5, acrylic carpet: acrylic carpet is relatively affordable price, for many economic types of consumers is a very good choice, it's better to elastic acrylic carpets, to a certain degree of antifouling mouldproof and moth-proofing function, and it's down it is not easy to fall off, also is not affected by the humidity of the air!So it is also popular in the market