The Day Of The First Snow In 2020

- Dec 01, 2020-

The day of the first snow in 2020

Snowflakes of beauty and cruelty, like the road we walk through, will be in the cold to realize the most distant dream -《Norwegian Wood》

The first day of December, the first snow of the zhengzhou has quietly come, whether workers or students took photos to record the beautiful moments, and deeply for themselves, for their families, for the partner,wishing blessings, hope the new a month, youself can gently by years, hope that through the snow omens, family peace and happiness, hope the new beginning, the person you loved, altogether hoary head.

In addition to the heart silently make a wish, everyone in a different way to greet the arrival of the first snow.

  1. Invite friends to have a hot pot meal to celebrate the first snow.


2. Step on the lake with lover, appreciate the numerous and complicated of the first snow.


3.Order a cup of coffee and work with the first snow.


4. Sit on the carpet at home and watch a snow movie.


Hope in this insignificant day, because of the arrival of the first snow, shining.