Technical Research Direction Of The Carpet

- Nov 15, 2019-

(1) Development of antistatic and flame retardant dual-function polyester carpets

At present, the main development target of the world carpet industry is polyester carpet. Various application environments put forward higher requirements on the functionality of polyester carpets, such as antistatic, flame retardant, antibacterial, antifouling, anti-yellowing, etc., so that the design and production of polyester carpets began to shift towards functional functionality. The development and production of multi-functional polyester carpets will become the main direction of the carpet industry.

(2) Research on recycling and processing old carpets

The use of fiber components of old carpets to make new carpet fibers is a major goal of the carpet industry's eager expectations. However, the production cost of this recycling process has remained high, making it impossible for a large amount of old carpet fibers to enter the closed recycling system. Through the continuous efforts of the American carpet industry, DSM has finally developed a cost-effective closed recycling process. There are also companies in the United States that have refurbished old carpets and then re-listed them as cheap products. Milliken Carpet cleans, cuts, repaints or overprints used carpets and reprints the monochrome surface of the old carpet with interesting colour patterns. The cost is only half that of a new carpet of the same size.