Teachers Day

- Sep 09, 2020-

Sep. 10th is the day of Teachers' day in China. This remind me of my school time. Here thanks so much to all my teachers who help me a lot on my future. They teach me so many knowledge and teach me how to be independent and self-reliant, loyal and trustworthy. thanks for that they help me to be a honest and trustworthy person, which helps me a lot on my job and life. 

Teachers' work is closely related to every family, every child, teenager and youth.Teachers play an important role in the development and progress of human society.The teacher is casts the human civilization the engineer, is the human civilization disseminator and the builder.The continuity of the development of human civilization depends on the work of teachers generation after generation.A society, a country, a nation, if there is no hard and effective work of teachers, then, this society, the country and the nation's civilization process will suffer losses.Therefore, a history of civilization, leaving the factors of teachers, is unimaginable. 

The teacher is that a piece of sunshine, warm the hearts of children, nourish their wisdom, bathing their healthy growth.Teacher's Day is coming, my beloved teacher, may you always sunshine, rays of light.