Reasons Why Carpets Are Prone To Contamination

- May 22, 2019-

Carpet bilge bilge can be divided roughly two kinds, namely wet sex bilge and dry sex bilge, oily bilge takes 15%, dry sex bilge takes 85%. When we walk in from the outside, we bring both kinds of dirt with us. Dry dirt because there is no viscosity, after people walk back and forth, they usually fall to the bottom of the carpet. This dirt accumulates in the bottom of the carpet and needs to be removed by vacuum cleaner. To wet dirt because there is sticky, they will stick on the carpet, if only use cleaner certainly cannot completely the dirt removed, so it need special cleaning equipment and cleaning agents, these sticky greasy dirt at first only adsorption on the surface of carpet fiber, but over time, these dirt will become like glue, if not cleared, the scope of its pollution is more and more big. That's why soft upholstery rugs are so easily contaminated.