Is It Good To Warm Up The Carpet?

- Jun 14, 2019-

One, carpet can have insulation effect. Carpet looks like a quilt from intuitionistic, to the floor that had laid ground to warm, spread a piece of carpet to resemble again to cover heat quantity in inside, appear not easy send out. Theoretically, there is no problem, as long as the heat is continuously supplied, even if the carpet is laid, the heat can be re-exposed through the carpet. But if the quality of carpet is not quite good, the heat that gets floor heating for a long time bakes very easily send out a few harmful material to air, affect indoor environment.

Two, carpet easy breeding bacteria. Carpet is a very convenient environment for bacteria to hide, especially the mites in the home, in the heating of the baking in winter is conducive to the survival of bacteria, so often beat sterilization, otherwise for the members of the home and home environment is also very bad. Accordingly this also is the place that laid carpet compares trouble on floor heating.

Help to delay the volatilization of harmful substances. But to some extent, there are benefits to putting carpets on top of the floor heating. If what the floor in the home laid is not professional floor heating floor but common floor, it is beneficial to lay a carpet again above this. Because general floor how many contain formaldehyde material, send out central heating to air ceaselessly as floor heating, formaldehyde material also can volatilize ceaselessly as floor heating central heating comes out, but if have a carpet to differ, can prevent formaldehyde to volatilize on certain level instead. Good proposal of zui of such circumstance commonly can buy the carpet that contains bamboo charcoal, still conduce to absorb formaldehyde so, kill many birds with one stone.

Carpet in the floor heating is not a particularly wise practice, if not really want to shop or other necessary factors as far as possible not to spread the carpet, because the floor heating is actually more comfortable, so the floor will not appear particularly cold, and cleaning is more convenient. If really want to spread carpet to also suggest to choose an area to compare as far as possible small local laid, do not want large area ground to go laying carpet, sweep do it is troublesome matter.