How To Select The Carpet? Choose Like You Choose Your Other Half!

- Jan 18, 2021-

How to select the carpet? Choose like you choose your "other half"!

Go home after work, open the door and see four walls, sometimes hard to avoid feeling missing something...

And so the "fifth wall," the carpet, makes it onto many people's treasure lists.

However, every person who has chosen the carpet knows that the kind of "disorderly flower fan eye" when really standing in front of 100 carpets even "two eyes one black"......

How to quickly, accurately and ruthlessly buy the most "right" carpet And how do you make sure love at first sight doesn't bring home a ray you can't hide or throw away?

It is every day "look up do not see lower the head to see", choose carpet and choose the solution of life partner train of thought, having a lot of similarities accidentally, look at it together ~

Shaggy carpet:


01. Start with "appearance level" -- the choice of color.

Almost every "love at first sight" with the carpet, all the little "appearance level" help.

Green, blue, gray red... Inherently bring advanced feeling, but also with most of the furniture "peaceful coexistence", how to choose have a sense of security.

If you want to change your mood, you can also be brave enough to take the color that hits your heart for the first time. Every day when you go home, you are like returning to your own planet.




02.Stuck in "talent" -- choice of material

PV material, soft and silky, just like the talent in the other half, the more contact more people difficult to extricate themselves.



03 Calculate the "eight characters" -- the size of the choice

The size of carpet also does not suggest capricious. Before picking the carpet, prepare the room photo and size, and select the spot to calculate whether the "birth eight characters" fit.

In addition, the general carpet hanging looks bigger, so in with your carpet "fixed life" before, remember to put the carpet on the ground to see again.

Flexible and varied sizes, is a model of long hair carpet and modern art combination, to meet the design style of the room.