How To Form A System Of Carpet Maintenance

- May 06, 2019-

Now more and more families in the decoration will choose a wool carpet to decorate the room, the room looks more fashion sense, more emotional appeal. And how to maintain wool carpet in daily life, make carpet USES time longer it is particularly important.

Because wool carpet is compared, so maintain form a system to be able to increase carpet service life, avoid unnecessary waste. General wool carpet maintains to have 4 steps.

1. prevention and protection

This is the basic procedure of the carpet maintenance system and an important step. Because timely precaution protects, can prevent carpet to be stained, avoid wool fiber to be worn away by erode, maintain carpet neat and durable. Have two precautionary methods commonly: it is antifouling combination, put mat of a antifouling ground or dusting blanket in the doorway of enter the room namely, cut off dirt to enter a room, maintain indoor carpet cleanness, avoid to be stained with dirt. 2 it is fiber antifouling, use carpet or furniture cloth antifouling agent gush to go up at carpet namely, prevent moisture or grime to enter fiber inside, develop antifouling and protect clean function.

2. Local dust removal

In daily life, have a bit carelessly can splash besmirch carpet, this is to should use carpet decontamination agent immediately, lest cause besmirch accumulation. Have two kinds of circumstance normally: it is: general besmirch, this is to be able to use carpet or furniture cloth cleanness antifouling agent directly, do not need clear water to rinse. 2 it is: stubborn besmirch, because besmirch accumulates, cause stubborn besmirch, more difficult clean, this is to be able to use especially strong carpet decontamination agent.

3. regular cleaning

Every interval time cleans carpet one side, do not need to often clean, often clean also can cause certain damage to carpet, can use carpet decontamination agent to undertake cleaning to carpet regularly.

4. Comprehensive renovation

Carpet is used after long time can lose original burnish and softness, need to undertake deep layer is cleaned, will hide the bilge inside fiber to remove thoroughly, renovate in the round, make carpet restores original burnish.