How To Buy And Match Ordinary Carpets?

- Jun 10, 2019-

1. Color fastness:

The carpet of diversiform colour, quality of a material is tender, beautiful not elegant view not elegant view is delicate. When choosing carpet, usable hand or try cloth to rub on blanket face frequently several times, see its hand or try cloth to go up to whether stick to have color, if stick to have color, the color fastness of this product is bad, appear easily in laid use change color and lose color. Want to press ego to like on the one hand, want to be harmonious with the colorific fundamental key photograph of other article on the other hand.

2. Velvet density of carpet:

Usable hand goes touching carpet, the pile head quality of its product is high, density of blanket face is full, so carpet flexibility is good, be able to bear or endure trample, be able to bear or endure wear away, sweet and durable. Do not choose the way of plush to choose carpet, look not good-looking on the whole, but pile density is sparse, pile easy to fall out of shape, such carpet is not resistant to trample. Through the process of observation, touch to buy. Lord sees carpet to have without concave and convex, lotus leaf edge, cut the density of nap, have without drop wool to wait.

3. Choose carpets with different materials and patterns according to the use premise. For example, frequent access to the room to choose large capacity, velvet quality of lower wear-resistant roll pile with hemp knitted carpet; Vestibular toilet is usable waterproof anticorrosive, flexibility is good, beautiful plastic or rubber carpet.

4. Specification selection. Should choose according to room actual size, choose to use carpet or blanket, lest form waste, should choose to have move convenient, can adjust at any time wait for a characteristic carpet, in order to make whole collocation photograph harmonious.

5, see the intensity that carpet back line strips the ground: latex of the back of carpet of tuft is adhered with a grid bottom cloth, when choosing this kind of carpet, usable hand will bottom cloth tear tear, see the degree that sticks relay, if stick relay not tall, bottom cloth and blanket body part easily, such carpet is not durable.