How Carpets Are Properly Cleaned And Placed

- May 13, 2019-

Show in social family, carpet has the effect of dot fine to domestic outfit, carpet is used at practical only not only, more because of its beautiful exterior and use do adornment. So what are the benefits of carpeting your home? What is the proper way to clean and place?

1, temporarily unused carpet, should be rolled up along the direction of hair, stored in a cool dry place. When winding should be done blanket edge neat, can not appear screw - like edge, at the same time spread insect-resistant drugs, and moisture-proof goods package, in order to prevent damp be affected with damp or be polluted.

2, when placing furniture on carpet, the part that contacts carpet had better use gasket segregation, in order to reduce pressure to blanket face, avoid generation is out of shape.

3, laid carpet should avoid direct sunlight as far as possible. During use, it shall not be contaminated with oil, acid or tea. If there is any contamination, it should be removed in time.4, in the use of the process, should do regular cleaning dust removal work, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner along the direction of a gently clean every day. The cleaning tools used should not have teeth or rough edges to avoid damage to the carpet.

5, carpet is like occurrence local moth or wear away, answer to be repaired in time by professional personnel.

6. No cigarette butts. Present carpet has fire retardant feature commonly, but not be every carpet has fire retardant function. Flame retardant or not, once the cigarette ends fall on it, it will burn at least a small pit. So when laying carpet, the home should keep a small leftover material. When appear afore-mentioned circumstance, use scissors to cut the blanket wool of scorch part first, use scissors to cut the blanket wool of a small part of remaining material with reoccupy scissors, stick with glue in the burnt pit ministry that passes dressing, after waiting for its to dry thoroughly comb can.

7, dirty carpet can be in a period of time, please use a professional cleaning company to clean the machine. The interval time can be determined by the degree of contamination.

8, the blanket is stained with stains or marks of the past, appropriate with milk infiltration moment, reoccupy brush dip in milk brush swab can; Animal and plant oil mark, can dip in the gasoline with higher purity cotton to wipe; Juice and beer juice, want to dip in with soft cloth first washing powder solution is wiped, reoccupy wen shui adds solution of a few feed vinegar to swab; Such as the solution of the ink stains, you can sprinkle on the dirt with fine salt, and then with warm water mixed with soap to brush away.

9, often vacuuming: vacuuming is the most basic job that carpet maintains, can effectively the dirt of purify carpet surface, its operation is simple but easy be despised, be sure every day so thorough vacuuming.

10, decontamination: carpet is in use hard to avoid meeting causes local pollution because of man-made factor, one discovery is polluted answer immediate clear up, time limit of decontamination of general besmirch optimal with do not exceed 3 days advisable.

11, clean: clean carpet to be able to restore the original appearance of carpet by correct method regularly, prolong service life, use at present the most extensive is to call dry clean (dry bubble or dry powder) clean means, it has the characteristic such as operation simple, dry fast, smaller to the injury of carpet.

12, deep processing: when the carpet under the long-term in a state of damp, smeary, or caused by decontamination not dirt infiltration to the root of the carpet, then the general cleaning method has been difficult to wash thoroughly, need to adopt the way of smoke wash clean, it can penetrate into root of carpet fiber stains, dust cleared, but at the same time leaves a lot of water, easy to cause the carpet mildew, reduce the service life of the carpet.

13, when cleaning, do not use teeth or rough edge of the tool, this will damage the carpet surface layer of fiber. If carpet appears peak wool, use with clean towel soaking hot water to wipe, comb with comb straight, with iron mat wet cloth suitable wool iron, just can restore original state. In use, in furniture leg ministry contacts carpet place, answer to place mat layer or often move furniture. To wear the place with serious wear, should adopt cover to try to protect.