Home Living Room Carpet So Choose To Pay Attention To, Your Home Must Not Choose The Wrong!

- Jun 03, 2019-

For the beauty of the sitting room in the home, a lot of people can spread a carpet below tea table, such already beautiful good-looking again. But, also have exquisite when choosing carpet, must wait for many close ability to go to good qualitative material and fabrics first.

The colour of carpet is given priority to with atmosphere

The collocation of the color of carpet, want sedate not messy, give a person the sense of atmosphere, can convey different style and culture connotation at the same time. Color respect, carpet is brunet with mass-color advisable, have two mass-color most, the adjustment depth of other color small area, can have very good effect, can be too chaos otherwise.

Additional, the orientation that sees housing even when choosing color, to southeast or the housing of face south, daylighting area is bigger, the color that chooses cool tonal so is better. If the orientation is northwest, choose warm colors that add warmth to an otherwise bleak home.

The color of carpet cannot rob the elegant demeanour of furniture

The property of carpet itself is auxiliary, it is to foil furniture, cannot rob the elegant bearing of furniture, so color cannot be too bright-coloured, too bright, the walwallow that should give a person vision is a few weaker, so that cooperate whole household colour.

For example, if the environment feels cold and cheerless, you can put some warm colors (such as red) to adjust it. If it feels too warm, you can put some cold colors (such as blue) to adjust it.

Carpet design should suit with adornment style photograph

Modern, fashionable adornment style can choose concise, clean or the carpet of abstract design, some blend in with the color of nature among them, quietly elegant apple green, pure and fresh cream-colored, reflect concise and plain; Have plenty of with clean and agile line, take a halcyon and unruffled atmosphere; Have a plenty of depth differ color piece combination, brunet is easy, light color young, comfortable and refined, make a person pleasing to the eye, calm.

Specification of living room carpet

If your sitting room is in the word of 20 smooth rice above, cannot be under 1.7 meters ×2.4 meters on the choice of sitting room carpet, itself sitting room area is not very big, if the sitting room carpet that you choose is smaller than its one fifth, we can ignore it. I don't even know what it's there for.

Also cannot be big of course, if a carpet 10 smooth rice so what still can put in the sitting room, some even be about to place on carpet. So when choosing carpet specifications, look at the size of your living room.

Living room carpet selection function

Living room carpet in the selection of the consideration of this issue in addition to beauty, its a durability is very critical. Some areas of the sitting room belong to the activity to compare frequent, say porch for example, we are about to choose density to compare tall, wear-resisting carpet (short wool circles pile, twist pile).

Go up in the choice of stair carpet, choose durable, not slippery kind commonly, because the frequency that carpet appears below stair also is taller, avoid to choose carpet of long wool flat circle flannelit so, because the bottom of carpet is exposed easily in stair edge, also touch easily on besmirch.

The match of choice of sitting room carpet

The flower form of carpet can press the design of furniture to form a complete set, use the furniture of annatto or copy annatto, choose the regular type of symmetrical of line platoon to form a flower commonly, appear of primitive simplicity, elegance; Use combined-type furniture or new-style furniture, and the carpet of irregular design of choose and buy, can let a person feel pure and fresh, free and easy.

The color of carpet and sort have a lot of kinds, once bought wrong, can not match with the whole in the home. So before you buy, be sure to do your homework in advance so you don't have to walk a lot.