Have You Learned How To Make The Little Orange Lamp

- Dec 14, 2020-

Have you learned how to make the little orange lamp

Little orange lights symbolize light, temperature and hope.

This winter, a warm stream of little orange lights has spread across China's major Internet platforms. Netizens have also posted their own little orange lights and made blessing and wishes.

Hope my little orange lamp can warm your whole winter and make your life bright and happiness.

Then, how to make a little orange lamp that lives all over the net? Let's take a look.

  1. Wash the orange, gently pull the top with a knife , remove the lid.



2. Rub the orange back and forth in your hand until soft, then remove the pulp with a spoon.



3. Put the candle inside the shell, light it, and you will have a warm, bright little orange light.


4. Turn on the lights on your phone to take a more beautiful picture.


Did you get it?

Do it with your family on the warm carpet.