Foreign Carpet Development Trends Conditions

- Nov 06, 2019-

In 1791, the first carpet factory in the United States was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today, there are 239 carpet manufacturers in 21 states in the United States.

In 1996, the United States used the US dollar to calculate the production value of the carpet industry of 10.1 billion US dollars, retail value of about 15.5 billion US dollars.

In 1950, the US carpet industry exported 81.1 million square meters. The annual export volume is about 1.3 billion square meters.

In the 46 years from 1950 to 1996, the price of carpets increased by 85.7%; the price of new car carpets increased by 266.9% over the same period; the price growth rate of integrated goods was 367.8%. It is estimated that ten of the largest carpet companies in the US carpet industry produce 90% of carpets and rugs; five of the largest carpet manufacturers produce 72.4% of carpets and rugs. Georgia, USA, produces more than 74% of all American carpets and rugs. There are 171 239 carpet manufacturers in the United States located in Georgia.

In 1950, woven carpets accounted for 80% of the carpet's market share in square yards. But now it only accounts for 1.4%. In 1950, tufted carpets accounted for only 20% of the market share, but now it has reached 90.8% of the total carpet production. Currently, other structural carpets (such as: knitted carpets, needle-punched carpets, knitted carpets, crochet carpets, etc.) account for market share. 7.8%. Carpets account for 70% of all land parcels in the United States. In homes, offices, schools and other facilities, the annual carpet replacement rate is about 67%.

According to statistics on the production of carpets in 1996, about 25.1% of the final consumption is in the commercial market, and the rest is in the civilian market. Among the total carpet market (74.9%), about 56.0% are residents' own consumption, and 19.0% are commercial commercial markets (for example: regional housing, apartment housing, mobile housing). In the current US export market, the value of 11.11 million square meters of carpet is 757 million US dollars, and in 1970, only 61.86 million square meters worth 25 million dollars. But the competition in the carpet export market is getting more and more fierce. In 1970, American carpet exports accounted for 51% of the world's total, but now only 45%. Today, more than 70 countries are producing tufted carpets.

The five largest countries and regions that accept US carpet exports are: Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Hong Kong. The five largest suppliers to the United States are India, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Belgium.