Did The Turkish Carpet You Bought Really Come From Here

- Jan 04, 2021-

Did the Turkish carpet you bought really come from here

As we all know,the turkish carpet is famous all over the world,many tourists buy carpets there,As a carpet practitioner for many years,It is necessary to tell you about Turkish carpets and their current sources.

Turkish hand-made carpet material is mainly divided into Synthetic fiber, wool, silk.


Today's hand-made carpets that actually come from Turkey are mostly made of wool and man-made fibers and have low densities.


Of the hand-made silk carpets that are sold in the shops that call themselves Turkey, 90% come from China.


Turkey's big wholesalers import silk carpets from China into Turkey and distribute them to carpet shops, which sell them to tourists at several times the price.

In fact, besides this hand-made carpet, Turkey also imports the prayer mat, sponge carpet and shaggy carpet from China, and then exports them to other countries.

As a Chinese carpet manufacturer, in order to give our customers enough profit space, we hope to cooperate with foreign wholesalers directly to reduce the intermediate links. After all, only by purchasing from the source can we reduce the cost and improve competitiveness.