Common Four Material Carpets, Have You Chosen The Right?

- May 08, 2019-

Pure wool carpet: soft, good tensile, good elasticity, beautifully designed, colour is gorgeous, quality of a material is solid, and has a good antistatic performance, not easy ageing, not fade, etc, is a kind of high-grade decorative flooring, main material, but the resistance of the pure wool carpet and corrosion resistance and moisture proof processing cost is high, the price is expensive, multi-purpose at top villa, bedroom and other places.

Plastic carpet: use the materials such as PVC resin, although the quality of a material is thinner, feel is a hard, greatly influenced by the temperature aging, but material colourful, moistureproof, corrosion resistance, insecticidal, scrubbing performance compared with other materials have greatly improved, with flame retardant and low cost, high quality decorate in the family for more in the hallway, bath crock side

Blended carpet: pure wool fiber by adding a certain proportion of chemical fiber, the carpet in the design of the color, texture and feel the feeling on the blanket, but to overcome the pure wool carpet is not resistant to corrosion, easy to corrosion resistance, easy to moldy faults, at the same time improve the wearability of carpet, greatly reduce the price of the carpet, using a wide range of high-end home decoration become a leading carpet products.

Chemical fiber carpet: say synthetic fiber carpet again, grain quality of a material and wool are similar, wear-resisting and pliant and bright-coloured colour, rich design is no less than pure wool, have flameproof, antifouling, moth-proof function, cleanness and maintenance are very convenient, use in average family decorate more extensive also.