Carpet Market Development

- Oct 30, 2019-

In using project, carpet has a lot of advantage that hard floor material cannot compare.It has the function of absorbing and reducing noise, and can provide a quiet living space for users.At the same time, there is adsorption of dust in the air, the role of air purification.But the malpractice that carpet exists is enough to erase all aura, this needs the progress of innovation technology, alleviate the trouble in using and scruple, ability gains the favour of consumer better。


In fact, in every country's economic boom, there will be a carpet from "high-end luxury" to the ordinary people's homes in the process.Although the occupancy rate of carpet of Chinese domestic use nowadays is lower, but Chinese population and family individual cardinal number are big, especially in last few years soft outfit is popular, the development that lets carpet more rises a new level.In the future, China's household carpet market or will erupt a huge business opportunities.But when is the breakout season?That seems to take time.