Carpet Daily Maintenance Methods

- May 20, 2019-

Place a cleaning mat at the entrance to the room and change and clean the carpet when it becomes dirty. Avoid light, prevent the sunlight of fierce carpet net point-blank, avoid carpet ageing to fade. Antifouling, office carpet is not allowed to infect in using a process smeary, acidic material, wait like attack pollution, answer to clean immediately with high grade carpet cream wipe. Go dirt, inside fiber of carpet factory of the face layer of carpet, easy accumulation dust, answer to often use cleaner to clean along shun wool direction. Silk carpet guard against falling wool; If carpet appears to pour wool, soak square carpet hot water with clean towel to wipe, comb with comb straight, with iron mat wet cloth is suitable wool iron, can restore undisturbed. Prevent concentration point to press, in applying, the carpet of the leg ministry touch in furniture carpet company is in, should place mat layer or often move change furniture. The room that has carpet should advertent is ventilated, moistureproof, avoid carpet attack moth-eaten, mildewy. Regularly and regularly clean the red carpet air conditioning system and heating system in the filter.

Carpet use after a period of time, carpet surface dirt and become dim color household carpet also, if you want to make carpet update again, handmade carpet can be used to: take fine salt on the carpet at the end of the broom with wash clean wet fine salt sweep, reoccupy after ten minutes at the end of the vacuum cleaner to remove household carpet salt and dust carpet clean and shiny. The mildew of chemical fiber carpet is moth-proof: alleged chemical fiber carpet, it is nylon, polypropylene, fine lun carpet wait for raw material. Living environment requirements of moth and other microorganisms hotel carpet protein components, and chemical fiber products are unable to supply protein, so this carpet will not attack moth mildew. Basically do not need any professional maintenance, every week only the carpet design can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Chemical fiber carpet can be washed, if the living room carpet area is not a blanket, you can take a bath when it is put under your feet and you together "shower", you clean it is clean.

The mouldproof mothproof of pure wool carpet: say commonly, the nylon carpet of the central place of custom-made carpet does not give birth to bug easily, and the place PVC carpet of edge horn and all round 0.3-1 meter gives birth to bug simply, because this is not often pressed, there is certain space in touching with carpet of car on the ground, have dust and air, make carpet bug gets livelihood. However, all parts of the carpet that are drawn and pulled may be infested with insects. This is because there is space between the warp and weft lines on the back of this kind of carpet, which can still flow into the air carpet market after touching the ground. In addition, the carpet spread on the wooden floor is more simple than the carpet spread on cement, tiles, imported carpet terrazzo floor carpet technology carpet pests. The reason is that wooden floors absorb moisture easily, providing the bugs with the conditions to grow.

The carpet that presses below furniture is the place that gives birth to bug easily also. The mould-proof and moth-proof plastic carpet of pure wool carpet is specific method is as follows: those who insist on carpet is clean, dry. Carpet applies carpet net after a year, should move outdoor, knock go dust, airing, but do not insolate, avoid by all means puts point-blank below sunshine, carpet sells otherwise can fade. When carpet is spread from the beginning again, should sweep the ground clean. Need to be cleaned to carpet professional cleaning shop regularly, or ask a person to come to clean

After laying the carpet for two or three years, clean the silk carpet with chemical once. The carpet after washing cleanness, if continue to spread, should wipe clean floor to spread again. Wood floor carpet factory is best to wax, after two or three days to the floor again sprinkle a layer of sanitary sphere, and then carpet. When depositing carpet, want to place carpet insect-proof agent, but insect-proof agent had better not touch carpet oneself, in case corrode. Then bundle the carpet tightly and sell it in an airy place. It should be placed half a meter to one meter above the ground.