What is composite fiber

- Oct 10, 2019-

   The presence of two or more unmixed polymers in a cross section of a fiber is called a composite fiber, or bicomplex fiber. Because the two or more components in the fiber complement each other, the composite fiber is usually superior to the conventional synthetic fiber and has many USES

  There are many kinds of composite fibers, which can be divided into two categories according to their morphology, namely, double-layer type and multi-layer type. Double-layer type includes parallel type and core type, and multi-layer type includes parallel multi-layer type, radial type, multi-core type, wood grain type, embedded type, sea island type and split type. The main characteristics of parallel composite fibers are high crimp, which can make the fabric fluffy, soft, warm and wool-like.

   It is mainly used in bulk yarn, knitted fabrics, socks and blankets. The core-type composite fiber can be divided into two types: partial core-type and concentric core-type

According to the properties of different polymers and their positions on the cross section of the fibers, many composite fibers with different properties and USES can be obtained