The Role of Carpet

- Oct 19, 2020-

Carpets are one of the arts and crafts categories with a long history and tradition in the world. China is famous for handmade carpets and has a history of more than 2,000 years.

Nowadays, in European and American countries, almost every household needs to lay carpets. Western carpets account for 50% of the world's total carpet material consumption, while China's carpet consumption is only in its infancy. The matter is really tangled.

The reason for the Chinese are entangled is mainly because most people do not understand the function of carpets, and they magnify the shortcomings of carpets. Although envious of the high-level comfort of other people's carpets, I was frightened by the troublesome cleaning of the carpets.


Embellishment: There are actually many functions of carpets. The most mentioned is naturally decorating the house. With its rich patterns, brilliant colors, and diversified shapes, it beautifies the decorative environment and highlights its individuality.

Noise reduction and sound absorption: With its tight and air-permeable structure, the carpet can well absorb indoor echo and noise, effectively reduce noise transmission and pollution, and create a quiet living environment.

Anti-slip and anti-fall: Carpet is a soft paving material, which is different from hard floor paving materials such as marble and ceramic tiles. It is not easy to slip and bump. Walking on the carpet can increase the friction between the sole and the ground, and not only improve the foot feeling, but also with well effect of shock absorption.

Thermal insulation: Use low thermal resistance carpets, which can effectively transfer heat and play a role in keeping warm, such as wool carpets; while high thermal resistance carpets are equivalent to thermal insulators and can play a role in insulation. This is related to the material properties of the carpet and the thickness and density of the carpet.

Dust storage and clean air: The fluff on the surface of the carpet can capture and absorb dust particles floating in the air, and has the ability to store dust. When the dust falls on the carpet, it won’t fly up again. Therefore, the carpet can also improve the indoor air quality and prevent air pollution.

It has the effect of reducing noise, heat insulation and decoration to improve foot feeling, prevent slipping and prevent air pollution.


[Disadvantages of carpet]

Many people find carpet cleaning troublesome, mainly because they do not understand the correct cleaning method. In fact, the cleaning of carpets is not difficult, but the harm that carpets may cause to the human body should cause our attention.

In recent years, a disease caused by carpets has appeared in some areas. The patients are mostly children. The main symptoms are persistent high fever, swollen tongue, peeling hands, and severe cases can lead to death. This is mainly due to the fact that the fine dust stored in the carpet changes its original nature through the alternation of the seasons, and produces a kind of microbial tic mites . This kind of microorganism feeds on the cell debris shed from the human skin, and once it enters the lungs or bronchi, it will cause illness.

Therefore, the carpet should be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is necessary to prevent children and the elderly from playing on it.