The principle that chooses carpet

- Oct 24, 2019-

1.Carpet is chosen and decorate the principle with unified standard, style

Any project, whether new project, old project reconstruction or renovation are planned, there are standards. Five star standard decoration or three star standard; Is it western style or Chinese style? It is classical school still is contemporary school, all this is you choose the reference point of carpet of what kind, class, colour and lustre, design, also hold to decorate standard style only the unity that chooses carpet only, ability makes your project perfect beautiful, achieve the purpose that the icing on the cake.

2.Cent area chooses the principle of carpet

A complete hotel project is composed of a number of different areas, including guest rooms, corridors, elevator hall, large and small restaurants, large and small conference rooms, reception rooms, office areas, entertainment areas and so on. Because the function of these area is different, also cause stream of people, traffic not equal. It is static it is noisy, it is cold it is warm, to suit the particularity of the area, the choice of carpet of each area must be echo with it, namely adaptability problem.