The knowledge of Carpets

- Jan 15, 2021-

The knowledge of Carpets

  Carpet is generally divided into: silk, cotton, hemp, wool and other materials.

  Now we gonna talk about how to take care the carpet an dhow to choose to match your house.

  Silk carpet: not suitable for sun exposure, not suitable for hot water cleaning, because the silk can not grasp the color, the general high-grade silk carpet, after antioxidant treatment, so the silk carpet in the normal sun, is not affected, with cold water for local cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner for a large area of cleaning work, do not need to be exposed to the sun, natural air drying is fine.



  Cotton and hemp carpet: cotton and hemp carpet feel very good, color fastness is absolutely higher than silk carpet, as long as it is not a small workshop carpet with poor dyeing process, there will be no color fading problem. In particular, many imported carpets have been tested for color fastness from raw materials.


  Wool carpet: wool carpet is the most common carpet material, which is wear-resistant and durable, and the natural color of wool. The color drawn by the designer in the computer can be well displayed by wool carpet, which is the favorite carpet material of the designer.


  The collocation of carpet is related to home decoration style .

  1. Shape matching:

  If your decoration and furniture are in regular shape, and the color is gray, then you can match a dark colored carpet with geometric patterns.


  2. Color collocation:

  Every home will have some small regrets after decoration, such as color is too dark . At this time, an eye-catching carpet may be able to save you. But when we choose this kind of colorful carpet, we must have a matching color at home, such as a pillow with the same color system, or a photo wall, or a few books on the bookshelf. This kind of complementary echo will not be particularly abrupt, but will be particularly brilliant.


  3. Matching of decoration style:

Mediterranean decoration style with blue as the keynote. Carpet should not choose too jumping color. It's best to choose a dark blue color.