The difference of different kinds of blanket

- Sep 26, 2019-

Blankets are very common bedding, whether in the spring or fall, or in the cold winter, need to keep warm. In addition to pure blankets on the market at present, there are artificial blankets, blended blankets and acrylic blankets. Let's talk about the difference between these blankets.

1.Pure blankets are mostly made of wool. They are fluffy but not messy. The bottom is thick but not hard. The surface of the blanket is fluffy and even. The hair wave is clear. A fluffy layer is very thin, will not expose the cloth. It feels soft and elastic.

2.Synthetic blankets are made of cotton warp and artificial woollen weft. Its structure is similar to a blanket and its appearance is similar to wool fabric. It has bright color, soft feel and good warmth retention, but poor elasticity and wear resistance, the body is not as strong as the blanket.

3.Blended blankets include wool and viscose blended blankets and wool and acrylic blended blankets. The wool content of all sorts of blanket is in 50% above commonly. This kind of blanket has a full suede and beautiful appearance. Although it is not as durable as pure wool, it is cheaper.

4.Acrylic blanket is made of acrylic yarns weaving many coils on the warp surface of the bottom cloth and drawing wool from the coils. It is rich, colorful, warm and much lighter than a pure blanket.