The advantages of domestic carpets

- Oct 16, 2019-

1. Sound insulation effect

Blanket with its tight and breathable structure, can absorb and isolate sound waves, has a good sound insulation effect.

2. Improve air quality

Carpet surface nap can capture, adsorption floating in the air dust particles, effectively improve indoor air quality.

3. Carpet safety

Carpet is a kind of soft shop installs material, differ from to be like marble, ceramic tile wait for rigid ground shop to install material, slip not easily knock against, the proposal that has children, old person to wait in the home spreads blanket or blanket of full shop.

4, with beautification effect

Carpet has rich design, flowery colour, diversification modelling, can beautify your adornment environment, reflect your individual character.

5. Non-toxic

Carpet does not have radiation, do not send out the gas that goes against health of the body like formaldehyde, achieve all sorts of environmental protection requirement.

Disadvantages of domestic carpets

Some poor quality carpet easy to hair, allergic rhinitis or asthma patients in the home for the family, easy to cause old relapse;And easy to breed harmful bacteria, harmful to health.Carpet in cleaning, also more troublesome。