Sponge market change and sponge choose

- Sep 09, 2020-


Recently, we get notice from our long cooperated sponge suppliers four times that sponge price raised up. first time ,sponge price raised up for 10%, second time raised up for 15% and the following two times also 10% seperately. In case of the raw material price raised up, of course, our price will raised up accordingly . so very hard for these time to make customers accept new price. 

Some wholesalers will choose lower quality sponge, of course total lower price to attract end customers. But as we all know, you will get every pence you spend. Lower quality lower price is not a healthy way to keep long and stable business. so pls think twice before you make your final decision. We also get feedback from some of our customers that why your price is higher than others. what I want to say is that maybe our price do higher than others, but our quality also higher than others. Also, we believe you will come back to us after few lower price orders. 

Nowadays, most family choose to use a modern sponge carpet which is more beautiful, soft and healthy. We can see many different kind of carpet on market. of course, different carpet has different funtion and its own advantage. Such as,

3D carpet, Advantage:A,more durable use. B,bright color and designs. etc.

Disadvantage: not soft enough, if have baby at home, not a very good choice.

Modern sponge carpet: Advantage: more soft, healthy material, water absorption is strong. etc.

Disadvantage: for big carpet, thoroughly wash not very easy

Any way, today will mainly introduce how to choose a sponge carpet for you.


In fact, for sponge carpet, we also have many different series, fabric can be coral fleece, flannel, cloudy and so on. Top recommend one is flannel. which is middle thickness and water absorption very good. Now let's pay more attention on sponge. For inner sponge, in fact, mostly we can not see. all the products we see is finished products. But we can judge from how we feel when touch the product.

First, fold the carpet and feel the density of the sponge, normally we use 16D, 18D,20D, and 40D(momeory foam).For normal sponge carpet, 20D is the best quality. when you fold the carpet, the higher the resistance is, the higher density of the sponge. The higher density of sponge, then more durable use of the carpet.

Second, you can try to tear at the carpet, even together with fabric, but some very low quality of sponge can easily be tear up, this content of the raw material of sponge is not very high, so the tenacity of the sponge is very low.

Ok, we will talk to here today. Anyway, we believe that you get what you pay for, and here we call on all the business men and factories do business with conscientiousness, consider more about users' healthy.