Selection of carpet

- Nov 16, 2020-

Selection of carpet

Living room carpet:

The living room is the central area for family members' activities, and is often the focus of the decoration style. The use of carpet in the living room is mainly to increase the layering of the living room space and make the living room look more advanced and comfortable.

If conditions permit, you can choose natural materials such as wool, cowhide, and silk to highlight the style and grade. If the budget is not high, you can also choose chemical fiber and blended materials, which are durable and easy to take care of.

The choice of color is mainly based on the home decoration style, which can be consistent with the color of the sofa pillow, or a certain ornament or accessory in the living room, forming a color echo. If the living room has a large lighting area, you can generally choose a cold-colored carpet. If the living room is small and dark, it is recommended to choose a light-colored and warm-colored carpet.

In terms of size, if the living room is small and the sofa is placed against the wall, you can choose a smaller size, ranging from 1.4*2m to 2*3m, and place it under the coffee table and keep a certain distance between the sofa and the aisle. To extend the role of living room space. If the living room is large and the sofa is not placed against the wall, you can choose a larger carpet to cover the entire sofa and coffee table area, which can increase the visual momentum of the living room and make it more atmospheric. Generally, if the living room area is larger than 20 square meters, the size of the carpet should be larger than 1.7*2.4m.


Bay window carpet: The main function of the bay window carpet is for people to sit or lie down. Therefore, comfort is very important. It is necessary to choose a soft, skin-friendly, moisture-absorbing and heat-dissipating material. There are three common ones. Hemp carpets are not only beautiful, but also the best care of many carpets, but they are generally soft. The material of cotton carpet is more common, natural and healthy, and it is more convenient to take care of, and it has no stimulating effect on the skin. The carpet looks the most breathtaking visually, with the highest softness and warmth, but it is easy to hide dirt, and it takes more effort to care for the plush.


Entrance carpet: The carpet at the entrance can protect the floor, reduce the abrasion on the ground, and prevent slip and dust. Therefore, porch carpets generally choose acrylic or blended materials with soft texture and not easy to shed. In dry and wet conditions, they have better elasticity and wear resistance. The size can be extended appropriately, taking the width of the door as the bottom line, especially the pattern selection of geometric figures, which has the effect of expanding the space.


Bathroom carpet: Place a carpet in front of the wash basin or at the door of the bathroom, mainly to prevent slip and moisture absorption. Should choose cotton or chemical fiber texture carpet, good moisture absorption and stain resistance. Or you can place a carpet at the door of the shower area, the length is slightly longer than the door of the shower area, step on it directly after the bath, not only absorbs water quickly, but also feels comfortable. If you lay a carpet next to the bathtub, you should keep a distance of about 30 cm from the bathtub to prevent splashes on the carpet. Compared with other rooms, the bathroom is colder and not warm enough, and carpets can also make it warm and comfortable.


Kitchen carpet: The main purpose of using carpet in the kitchen is to prevent water and oil from entering the living area. It is recommended to use cotton, which has good water and oil absorption, and natural materials are healthy and safe. You can also choose polypropylene carpets, mostly dark and colorful, not obvious after soiling, easy to clean, low price, and very durable.


Bedroom carpet: The main function of bedroom carpet is to make the room look warmer. When you get out of bed, you can go barefoot to the ground without getting cold. Generally use pure cotton texture or superfine fiber texture. It is safe and healthy, does not have static electricity, and has a comfortable texture. It is very suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms. It is more appropriate to choose 0.9*1.6m in size.