Purchase and maintenance of winter carpets

- Jun 13, 2019-

Apply the carpet with intense contrast of environmental colour, often can let carpet become the center of the vision.

Hand-made pure wool carpet feels more compact, fleece feeling is better, good elasticity, its lodging resistance is better.

This wintry day, air temperature suddenly cold, originally the wooden floor of smooth bright ze or the floor tile with clear and cool agile more aggravate this chill, it is when to show hard ground to look for a tender feeling to be like the partner of fire slightly. Carpet is the gentle angel that makes people "search for her thousands of times" in this cold winter. Furry carpet, spread on the ground of sitting room, bedroom, study, allow you at any time or sit, or lie, won't feel the iciness of early winter again, can feel the sweet feelings of spring flower romance instead, let a bedroom immediately "warming up"!