Knitting method of carpets (common ones)

- Nov 09, 2020-

Knitting method of carpets (common ones)

Woven carpet:

Carpets that are woven by means of warp and weft interweaving or steel-reinforced planting using machines and equipment usually have high weaving efficiency and save manpower. Therefore, the price is lower than that of hand-woven carpets. The performance is similar to that of hand-woven pure wool carpets. A medium-to-high grade carpet between wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet. It is widely applicable and can be used in hotels, meeting rooms, banquet halls, residences, etc.


Handmade carpet:

A carpet made by hand-knotting the warp and weft. It has a long history in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Ningxia. Due to the difference in carpet culture, different regional styles have been formed in the pattern, color and style of the carpet.

Because handmade products can be more diversified in terms of material selection and design of patterns and colors, hand-woven carpets have better aesthetics than woven carpets, and are of high quality and full of personality, but the price is relatively high.


Non-woven carpet:

Non-woven carpet, as the name suggests, is a kind of carpet that does not need to be woven. It is made by using sewing, crocheting, needle punching and other methods to plant wool on a pre-woven base fabric, and then fixing the pile with raw rubber. It is easy to produce, suitable for mass production, and low in price. It is a popular carpet.