How to maintain the carpet

- Dec 28, 2020-

How to maintain the carpet

Nowadays, carpet has become a beautiful landscape of home decoration with many functions .They can reduce the collisions for the elderly and children at home.So let’s talk about how to maintain the carpet and prolong its service life.


1.Carpet most afraid of moisture, so carpet maintenance should pay attention to moisture. If it's a cement floor, a layer of soft paper can be pasted before the carpet is laid, so as to ensure that the carpet will not get moldy and the service life can be prolonged.


2. Clean up the dust on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner regularly, it is not good to wait until the dust, sand are embedded under the carpet. Salt can make the carpet clean very well in a way, but it is aimed at the carpet which is not bright in color and uniform in dirt distribution.


3. It will be dented If the carpet is pressed by something. At this time, we should find a way to restore it to its original state. It's good to use a hair dryer to get the towel back to its original state after applying hot towel.


4. Carpet can not accept the direct light, otherwise the carpet is easy to aging and fading.