How to clean the carpet in the home?

- Jun 25, 2019-

What if the carpet at home is dirty? How do I clean the carpet?

Home carpet cleaning method

Local treatment: oil stains, fruit stains and coffee stains are treated separately on the carpet with special cleaners

Only by correctly identifying the stain can you successfully remove it. Because many stains, such as cream coffee, are both oily and watery, it takes at least two detergents to remove them.

To remove concentrated besmirch, decontamination process is generally repeated many times, because unless the stain has been completely washed, stain may slowly emerge after the carpet is dry, the phenomenon is called the Wicking. Material hidden deep in the fabric or even on the floor of a carpet rises from the bottom of the wool to the surface as it dries. Accordingly, when dealing with besmirch, want to double careful, want to print blot gently brush gently or with hot water draw out completely clean.

For stains that reappear after cleaning, press a clean white towel on the wet stain and press on the stain something that won't stain the carpet, such as a plastic container with water. Over time, the stain will move from the carpet to the towel.

Comprehensive cleaning: professional operation of the carpet cleaning machine, the use of cleaning fluid to carefully scrub the carpet, and then suction clean cleaning fluid and dirt, generally depending on the level of dirt carpet can be repeated several times;

Rinse: clean the carpet with water with disinfectant and cleaning machine. Currently, imported carpet cleaning equipment is usually completed in one time.

Air dry: carpet is in after cleaning, need period of time to be used at carpet air commonly. If wet wash carpet, after cleaning, do not tread carpet first, after waiting for carpet to dry to certain level, reapply if use dry-cleaning method to clean carpet, basic do not need air to be able to be used.