How the colors of the carpet match the room

- Jun 10, 2019-

In any room, wall and carpet are bigger vision area, if want to make the room feels unified and orderly, better make carpet color and other adorn article color correlation. If had decided the color of room other place, so should make the color of carpet and their color are unified rise. If you choose a patterned wallpaper, sofa, or picture, you can choose a color from it as the color of the carpet. Shallow and brunet attune can be used on the curtain and sofa, but at the same time also can choose a kind of other color to serve as this one lubricious department adjust color. The colour in average home is a lot of, want the color of carpet to rise with a kind of colour photograph collocation in its only, won't make the bedroom shows curt.

The color that should consider place to choose namely after is really what oneself want and suit oneself home. The color change that the furniture in the room presents in natural light, also can make carpet looks different. Artificial light looks "grey", so it is necessary to examine the carpet sample under the light and night light. Need to pay attention to is, the carpet of whole ground and sample piece look different so when choosing carpet better way is to carry bigger carpet sample piece to spread on the ground as far as possible, feel. Carpet also is the soul of the bedroom, must not careless carelessness on the choice.