Home decoration more new style towards understand the choice of carpet

- Jun 17, 2019-

First, follow the principle of color first. Through the analysis of material use color in the bedroom, choose the right carpet color. Have a simple and applicable method among them: the colour that regards carpet as a few kinds of main colors in the bedroom constitutes element, rise so choice already simple and accurate. After ensuring the unified harmony of colour, it is to decide design and pattern later. This often decides whole bedroom style trend, it is contemporary or classic, it is native place or different region, it is vogue or classic, of course, still can create the bedroom style that has individual character extremely from oneself.

Use a function

According to the specific use of the carpet external conditions can have the following choices:

If have the rubber wheel car such as wheelchair, buggy to often move indoors, should choose the carpet that is braided with synthetic fiber that is not afraid of pressing, easy to clean.

2 if carpet of laid of the room with bigger flow of people, should choose pile head quality tall, density is bigger, and the carpet of pile of pile of the tufted loop that bears wear.

3 families with young children, should choose corrosion resistant, pollution resistant, easy to clean, dark color of synthetic fiber woven carpet.

Patterns and patterns

A plain carpet in A single color, and generally no border decoration. Suit the bedroom of contemporary style to use quite, give a person a kind of implicative and composed bedroom atmosphere.

B. Messy carpets are mostly decorated with large flowers, and are matched with vines and grass, creating a sense of picture even without beginning or end. Suit a sitting room such more capacious and decorate more complex space.

The carpet of C array type is given priority to with geometrical design, and carry on layout with certain geometrical network. The color shade brilliant element can be. Suit relatively fashionable household environment quite commonly, and at present, the collocation with classic bedroom also becomes new tie-in tide gradually.

D classical carpet looks from composition of a picture, the traditional carpet design of all sorts of cultural setting is following the principle of central and divergent composition of a picture. Often choose the geometrical central position of carpet to regard key adornment design as namely, undertake in edge position next hook edge adornment, some still can make a adornment design again between the center and frame. As a result of its design trivially, colour is rich, have extremely strong adornment sex, reason decorates metope as tapestry more.