Flannel and coral

- Oct 11, 2019-

Flannel fabric before weaving is wool through dyeing technology, adding the original color of wool after mixed weaving, using twill weaving plain weaving technology, at the same time through shrinkage and hair processing, editor has a soft and tight characteristics.


The fabric of coral wool USES polyester fiber as raw material. The weaving process is mainly heated, deformed, cooled and qualitative. The weaving process is also improved and upgraded year by year.


Can be found from manufactured goods, flannel fabrics more thick, the density of wool cloth with soft nap is very close, the nap of the coral fleece density relatively sparse, because the cause of the raw materials, hair feel is also slightly different, feel is more exquisite and soft flannel, at the same time, the thickness and warmth retention property of the fabric is different, using wool flannel as raw material is more thick, more soft.


According to the comparison between the hand feeling of the fabric and the thermal insulation effect, the use of wool as the raw material flannel is superior. Therefore, the difference between the two fabrics lies in the cost of the fabric, the thermal insulation effect, the hand feeling, the density of the fabric nap and whether the wool is lost.