Do carpets really breed ticks? No! It's carpet cleaning that's not done.

- May 17, 2019-

Do carpets really breed mites? The answer is: no! It's not carpet mites, it's carpet cleaning we don't do.

Why do carpets not breed mites? Back in the 1970s, swedes thought the name of the children's association was the result of carpet mites, so the government banned carpet laying in public places. By 1990 the share of carpet consumption in Sweden had fallen from 40% to 2% of floor coverings, and the share of hard floor coverings had risen to 98%.

Similarly, Japan studies have shown that the use of carpet, indoor raise the amount of dust is to use 10% of the hard floor, so in laying and be able to sell carpet cleaning seriously, not only will not breed mite, also can greatly reduce all kinds of allergens, because carpet pile has adsorption effect, which makes the flow of dust and mite allergy source such as floating in the air of probability is greatly reduced.

So don't blame the carpet next time. Do a good job of cleaning the carpet. If you really don't know how to do it, you can contact us