Daily maintenance of household carpets

- May 15, 2019-

1. Carpet should not be exposed to light for a long time

Since carpets are painted with fossil fuels, they fade easily if exposed to strong sunlight for a long time. When choosing family carpet to put a position accordingly, avoid the position with direct sunlight as far as possible, if be put in the sitting room, sunshine is more sufficient, can deserve to wait with gauze shade keep out intense sunshine.

2. Vacuuming is best carried out every day

Vacuuming is the most basic work of carpet maintenance, which must be carried out every day. Vacuuming had better every place is sucked twice, the first time goes against carpet nap and suck, although exert oneself to do STH. Big but can absorb dust thoroughly, the 2nd shun carpet nap and suck, can make carpet restaurate original nap guide, avoid pile head disorder, cause carpet off color. Carpet begins from the first day that use, make sure everyday aspiration is thorough, must not have the thought that tomorrow sucks thoroughly well, once dirt precipitates accumulation daily aspiration is very difficult cleared up.

3. replace the carpet position

Family carpet is used in the shop after a few years, had better replace a position, make its can wear and tear even. Once some carpet appear uneven or fiber when lodging should flap gently, also can use steam iron or hot towel to press gently, when the carpet nap that overpower restores afresh. If furniture is placed on carpet, had better place the gasket with larger area below furniture, lest form indentation. The room should pay attention to ventilation, moistureproof, lest carpet moth, mildew.