Color matching tips for carpets

- Jun 19, 2019-

The choice of carpet color needs to consider the square field in the bedroom, include the color that floor, furniture, curtain and other deserve to act the role of, each other harmonious ability promotes integral harmonious move. The color of carpet and smallpox is opposite, the tonal on general ground cannot too shallow, the color of smallpox cannot ether is deep, can produce top-heavy feeling otherwise. Light colors can increase the sense of space and make the room look spacious, while dark and warm colors will make your room look comfortable and private. The carpet color that chooses and environment close is simpler practice, can build harmonious feeling, the color that chooses opposite is bold practice, apply the youth that likes individual character or design crowd.

Different colors present different psychological feelings. For example, to convey a light and warm feeling, the central colors are yellow and orange. Carpet is orange, curtain, bedspread USES huang bai calico, sofa, ceiling USES gray tone, add a few greenery to foil, atmosphere is chic; For a soft romantic feel, the center color is a soft pink. Carpet, chimney, curtain USES red to add white attune, furniture is white, the room is decorated locally light blue, have romantic atmosphere; The center color of luxuriant style can choose wine red, dark blue, coffee and aureate, sofa USES wine red, carpet is dark earth red, metope USES bright cream-colored, local ornament is aureate, if gilded wall lamp, add a few dark blue to serve as auxiliary, become luxuriant and pure and fresh style namely.