Choice of carpet quality

- Jun 12, 2019-

The quality of carpet products is superior and inferior, mainly rely on inspection data to determine, but also by a few simple empirical selection methods:

1. the carpet pile density: can be used to touch the carpet, its products pile quality, carpet surface density on the plump, such carpet elasticity, trample resistance, wear resistance, comfortable and durable.

Here remind consumer must not adopt the method that chooses plush to choose carpet, on the surface look velvety look good-looking, but pile head density is sparse, pile head is easy to be out of shape, such carpet does not fight trample, easy lose the performance with peculiar carpet, not durable.

2. The color fastness: colorful carpet, soft texture, beautiful generous. When choosing carpet, usable hand or try cloth to be rubbed repeatedly on carpet face several times, see its hand or try whether to stick on cloth color, if stick color, explain the color fastness of this product not beautiful, bring about carpet to appear easily in laid use become angry and lose color, and affect carpet to use in laid beautiful effect.

3. carpet backing peeling strength: the back of tufted carpet with latex stick a layer of grid cloth, according to the standard set back lining peeling strength index ≥25N force value. When consumer is choosing this kind of carpet, usable hand will bottom cloth is torn gently tear, see the degree of sticky relay, if sticky relay is not tall, bottom cloth and blanket body are easy to depart, such carpet is not durable.

4. the appearance quality, consumer is in when choosing carpet, to see the blanket face whether level off, blanket of carpet edge is straight, with and without defects, oil stain, color difference, especially when tufted carpet of choose and buy should check the carpet back to see if there is to take off the line, the phenomenon such as seep, avoid carpet appears in be used laid up drum, inequality, and loss of comfortable, beautiful effect.