Carpets look good and hard to clean Share with you several practical maintenance tips

- Jun 14, 2019-

A lot of people decorate bridal chamber to like to use the carpet that has the advantage such as decorous riches and honour, foot to feel comfortable. However, in the use of the process, we will find that some of the shortcomings of the carpet let us very headache, not easy to do, inconvenient collection...... Introduce a few kinds to maintain carpet skill to everybody below.

Clean the dirty carpet skillfully

Will certain scale flour, refined salt and gesso pink, scale is (6:1:1), use water and become paste add lukewarm cooling to make it become dry block, press next small, scatter in carpet dirty place, reoccupy is brushed hard make roll on carpet, till roll powdery, suck with cleaner next clean can.

Remove carpet burn marks opportunely

If he will scorch carpet, we can eliminate repair method, scorch first place brush with bristle as far as possible brush, then can use carpet nap in other parts of the scissors to cut, reoccupy adhesive to stick it in scorch place, with equivalent to book weight belt plane pressure on it, wait for after adhesive is dry, stick on the hair strong, later with brush lightly comb.

The carpet is as fresh as new

Carpet used long color no longer bright-coloured, want to make old carpet color becomes bright-coloured rise, can sprinkle salt on carpet in the evening of the first day, the 2nd day USES clean lukewarm dishcloth in the morning salt eliminate, the bright-coloured color of carpet can restore.

Remove stains from carpets

Plant oil mark on carpet, usable dip in with cotton the gasoline with higher purity is wiped. Fruit juice and beer trace, should dip in with soft cloth first washing powder solution is wiped, reoccupy wen shui adds solution of a few feed vinegar to swab. Ink mark, can be in the dirt sprinkle fine salt.