Carpets and lights are matched to each other

- May 22, 2019-

1- use various lighting and carpets to create a nostalgic look in the film. Mottled light, mottled carpet, dull and dull color, neutral and warm material, build a warm and fresh urban nostalgia.

2- dark red add the rhomboid carpet with cream-yellow, tie-in black dermal sofa, below the foil of mottled mottled wall lamp, there is charming and deep feeling like a red wine. Gray series of murals are hung on the grey-blue walls, from dark to light gray, giving the color dynamic changes.

3- the color and line design of the single sofa is very important. Cotton cushions can reduce sticky feeling in summer. Bending the back of the chair in line with the human body makes it more comfortable. Orange honeycomb pillows brighten the color with dark red carpet and light coffee.

4- entering the restaurant, blue, white and beige are the main tone, and the fresh and natural feeling makes people have more desire to eat. Here to unite the integral sense of dining-room, joined the droplight that hangs umbrella model upside down, let dining-room more pure and fresh and bright.

5- the kitchen carpet has orange and brown totems that don't show up with oil stains. Tie-in pure white ambry, the flaxen of the wall and pure white get differentiate. Meanwhile, in order to make the visual area of dining room and kitchen look larger, mirrors were added to keep the narrow dining room and kitchen bright and spacious.