Carpet surface cleaning

- May 09, 2019-

Surface is cleaned: after carpet passes 15 days to the time of a month, the besmirch of a few superficial sex can reveal, or the pure and fresh degree that has lost carpet itself, be about to undertake effective to its right now the surface is cleaned. The most commonly used method is to use sheet to brush a machine to match dry bubble carpet agent to undertake cleaning processing, dry bubble carpet agent has fast decompose and reductive instinctive quality action, and volatilization is rapid, classics is cleaned and bibulous (dirt) after working procedure makes an appointment with 4 hours, carpet can be used normally.

Thoroughly clean: after two to three surface cleaning cycle, it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning, the function and purpose is to deposit on the carpet root removing sand, besmirch clear, even to hide in the blanket louse, soft assembly act the role of carpet, so, reach the role of insecticidal sterilization, make carpet back, give people feel again loose loose, soft, pure and fresh sense. Its main method is to use take wash a machine to match to take wash carpet agent (low bubble agent) with forceful soak and decompose, suck besmear with strong bibulous action, general, use volatilize the low bubble carpet agent with stronger sex, classics is cleaned after making an appointment with 5 hours, carpet can restore normal use. Everyone to keep in mind, the carpet itself is closed, when clean water is not easy to evaporate in the air circulation, low foam carpet with poor if you choose to be a volatile agents, most likely will cause the carpet hemp qualitative metamorphic layer at the bottom of the mold, and produce strange smell, will directly affect the feeling of the guests, which affects the hotel business, this is for cleaning the carpet must be noticed in the process of operation.