Carpet sleading clever cleaning

- Jun 03, 2019-

Carpet is the indispensable articles for use in living in the life, put a carpet beside sofa, without chaos is to sit there to read a book, or to enjoy TV program easily, it is a pleasant thing, but, time grows, carpet is hard to avoid meeting by dirty, teach everybody below a few easy clean carpet stubborn is soiled good method.

Vinegar is to prevent carpet to become angry, a kind of better cleaner that removes besmirch and eliminate peculiar smell, sit on the carpet when you, when spilling juice, coffee above carelessly, can use facial tissue first or dry dishcloth sucks dry, mix again next the vinegar of same amount or alcohol is aspersed on besmirch, reoccupy does cloth to wipe clean. Additional, Kitty, puppy also likes to lie prone laze on carpet, can leave certain peculiar smell, at this moment in using right amount vinegar to join lukewarm water, undertake wiping with wet towel next, put carpet again next ventilated place basks in dry, can peculiar smell is cleared up. Dust accumulation on carpet also is one of the things that make housewife more headache, can sweep carpet after soaking broom in soapy water, let dirt adsorption go up in broom, sprinkle next fine salt, because salt not only can restrain dust float in the air, still can adsorb smaller dust crumbs, let carpet become more durable, often protect color gorgeous. Still have a kind of method to soak old sheet with water namely, wring its dry hind, spread on carpet, reoccupy stick is beaten, dirt is adsorbed on wet cloth, put carpet again ventilated place bask in dry ca