Carpet purchase

- Nov 23, 2020-

Carpet purchase

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing carpets.

1. Texture check: check the appearance and quality.

First check the surface to see if the carpet surface is flat, the edge of the carpet is straight, there are no blemishes, oil stains, chromatic aberration, etc., whether there is delining or glue leakage.

Secondly, hold it gently with your hands to see if it is soft and comfortable, and gently pull it to see if it is easy to shed hair.

Third, try to choose carpets with small knots and high density. High density does not mean the length of the hair, but the density of the pile with your hands to see if it is tight and thick. Fourth, rub it back and forth with a pure cotton towel to see if it fades easily.


2. Environmental protection requirements:

First of all, you should carefully check the product label of the carpet, which has various indications such as name, registered trademark, fiber name, content, pile thickness, quality grade, etc. "Carpet Label" is a mandatory standard for the light industry. By checking it, you can get a general understanding of the quality of the carpet.

Secondly, check the carpet quality inspection report to see if it meets the national standards to prevent harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the carpet from polluting the indoor space and affecting human health.

3. Material identification:

In order to prevent fraudulent carpet materials, especially when choosing pure wool carpets, you must first identify the material of the carpet. The general method is to remove a few yarns from the carpet, and identify them according to the burning situation and the smell. When pure hair burns, it has no flame, smoke, bubbles, or smell. The ashes are mostly shiny black solids and they will be crushed with a finger.