Carpet New Point of View: Functionality, Decorative Co-existence

- Jun 24, 2019-

It is reported, functional sex, adornment sex is the definition requirement that the home spins soft adornment. The interior design concept of pragmatism advocates the use of wood or stone ground, and then collocation with different size of the carpet to decorate the space, give the space clever mood, improve the overall environment temperament. New look at the carpet

New style: the carpet design element of the tradition mostly shows a person with luxuriant style, and relatively close what compare popularity is Nordic style, take simple, relaxed route, will reflect low-key design with geometrical graph. Simple design does not represent plain, good color collocation and connotation of the design, can also convey a low-key sense of luxury.

New material pledges: the material of carpet pledges more and more diversification, besides man-made material besides, even bamboo fiber, corn fiber, hay can be braided carpet, and nylon, man-made fiber or synthetic skin also already was used extensively, if consider easy with simple sense, still wool carpet and silk qualitative carpet are on the selection.