Carpet matching

- Nov 18, 2019-

First, the shape of the match: If your decoration and furniture are well-formed shapes, the color is gray and gray, and then you can match a dark geometric pattern of the carpet.

Second, the color of the match: each home after the renovation more or less will have some small regrets, such as the color is too dull. A eye-catching carpet may save you. But when we choose this kind of colorful, very color-changing carpet, the home must have a matching color matching, such as the same color pillow, or photo wall, or a few books on the shelf, so The echoes that complement each other will not be particularly abrupt, and will be particularly brilliant.

Third, the decoration style match:

The Mediterranean décor is based on blue. It is not advisable to choose a color that is too jumping. It is best to choose a dark blue with a slightly darker color.

The dark blue tone echoes the Mediterranean style, and the seemingly fancy colors on the carpet can find the color that echoes it.