Carpet Grade Grading

- Jun 10, 2019-

Selection of carpet products:

A. tufted carpet is beautiful and durable, which is a popular mid-range product.

B. The machine woven carpet is gorgeous and comfortable, which belongs to the high-grade product of mechanism carpet.

C. Needled carpet is suitable for places with frequent replacement cycles. It is a low-grade product in mechanical carpet.

D, hand-knotted wool carpet, hand-tufted wool rubber back carpet, hand-knotted silk carpet are indoor high-grade decorations.

Consumer should choose the carpet with different class according to the specific case of each family when choosing carpet. Be like: indoor if have the rubber wheel car such as wheelchair, buggy often activity, answer to choose the carpet that is braided with synthetic fiber that is not afraid of pressing, easy to clean. If be in the room laid carpet with bigger flow of people, should choose pile head quality tall, density is bigger, and the carpet of pile of pile of loop of wear-resisting cluster pile. To the family that has cheeper, should choose the carpet that is resistant to corrosion, resistant to pollution, easy to clean, color is partial dark synthetic fiber braid.

The choice of carpet size: the choice of carpet size should also adapt to the function of the room. Bedroom display is simpler normally, can choose and buy blanket. And the sitting room can choose and buy high-grade use wool fiber or nylon fiber braid piece blanket.